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Christmas Unlimited's Top Ten

#10 • Christmas Unlimited is a local charity driven by its volunteers.  Each year over 250 individuals, from all walks of life, contribute over 14,000 hours of their time.

#9 • Working with Scouts, schools, and churches - Christmas Unlimited makes a special effort to provide volunteer opportunities for young people. We support a year-round volunteer program for at-risk teenage boys and girls in partnership with Rocky Mountain Kids and Kids Crossing.

#8 • Christmas Unlimited supports other charities and youth programs with product for fund raisers and activities: First Visitors, Candlelighters, H.E.A.R.S., Good News Foundation, Sertoma, city community centers, and many more.

#7 • Christmas Unlimited works closely with over 40 human service agencies and schools to identify and connect with families needing help.

#6 • Keeps busy year round with:
    - Operation Back to School
    - Holiday Toy Distribution
    - Prescription Plush
    - Community Center Projects
    - Charity Event Support

#5 • Christmas Unlimited works with the DA's Juvenile Offenders Service and Teen Court to provide volunteer opportunities to teens and pre-teens. Only a handful of non-profits do this.

#4 • With its unique distribution process Christmas Unlimited annually serves 9,000 to 11,000 children, each receiving $35 to $40 in gifts.

#3 • Every year approximately 4,000 youth receive sets of basic school supplies through Operation Back to School.  Operation Back to School, serves 10 school districts and is the largest program of its kind in the state.

#2 • The distribution of holiday gifts and school supplies is designed to support both the economic and emotional needs of the family.  We work only with the family's adults - enhancing their self-esteem, promoting family unity and empowering them as parents.

#1 • $1 = $10 - For every dollar donated to Christmas Unlimited, we gave $10 worth of product to needy families throughout the Pikes Peak region.

Christmas Unlimited is a member of:
  • Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado

Charity Review available at www.bbbsc.org